Zia Trust

Welcome to Zia Trust!

Selecting a trust company is an important decision for your family or business. We are confident that our people and the services they provide can fulfill your fiduciary needs. Call us or come by our office, we look forward to meeting you.

At Zia Trust our goal is to provide the highest level of service and expertise that you deserve, resulting in your peace of mind.

We formed the company in 2001 and we serve trust beneficiaries in numerous states with various types and sizes of trusts – from small family trusts to multi-million dollar accounts. We also serve a large number of clients with self-directed IRA accounts.

How We Approach Business

It’s Our Calling: We consider our job as trustee as a true “calling” – it’s more than a job, and more than a business. We are fiduciaries and stewards. We cherish our relationships with our clients and the many professional advisors we partner with.

Why Zia Trust is "The Advisors' Trust Company"

Unlike others competing for your trust business, Zia Trust offers trustee services only. This enables Zia Trust to focus on providing trustee services to you. It’s a difference that sets Zia Trust apart from everyone else in our business.

We rely on your current investment advisor to manage your portfolio, so you can be assured the advisor relationship you have already built and believe in won’t change. We are privileged to work alongside outstanding professional advisors of all types, from all over the country, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with yours in support of your trust account.

Our brand, “The Advisors’ Trust Company” captures and describes our unique position in the market. We use the term “advisors” to include Investment Advisors, Attorneys, CPAs and other trusted advisors on whom you rely.

If Zia Trust sounds like a good fit for your needs, please contact us today.